We have more colors of the CW Tack Logo ball caps now in stock. They make great gifts for that friend or relative out of state that wants something saying "ALASKA" on it. 

The Horse Holster cell phone holder has been flying out the door all summer long. It is neoprene with a strap to go around your leg so your phone is always near at hand. There is also an extra strap you can buy so you can wear the pouch around the waist or as a cross body. They have been modified with 2 extra D rings on the back to make it more stable if you use the extra strap. The pouch is also now bigger to better accommodate a small pistol. With many colors to choose from come get one now before your next trail ride.

We now carry SayWhoa!, the all natural remedy for colic. It works with your horse's body using osmosis to draw fluids back into the intestine to help soften impactions and stimulate bowel movements.
It has a 3 year shelf life and no temperature control, so you can put it in the tack room or trailer for emergencies. We had many Very Satisfied customers this year whose horses were colicky.  They administered the SayWhoa! and in no time the horses were back on their feet and doing good. Look on our Facebook page for a testimonial from Beth Fowler down in Soldotna.

We have a good selection of wormers in stock at good prices. We also have a good selection of the Hay Chix hay nets in various sizes, including the round bale nets. The have come out with a 5' net which is working great for the slightly bigger bales that don't quite need a 6' net. 

As always, we try to keep a good selection on hand.  If there is a specialty item that you need, just let us know.  Come see us first before you order from outside, as we can usually meet or beat those prices!